Most people would rather hide from change than embrace it. When we do, unseen opportunities aren’t realized. Change is one of the most powerful tools you have as you go forward in life, if you embrace it.

Important Information as to what makes us different

Integrated Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (IKAP)

Dr. Henrie has developed this highly effective ketamine program through years of research and experience. She has been in practice for 25 years and has been using ketamine for 10 years. Her innovate program has been developed through clinical experience and the research.  Our clinic continues to do outcome research to improve our patient’s mental health and provide the best modalities that create change.

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Riverwoods is a clinical research based facility.  With three PhD psychologists on staff and other experienced ketamine therapists engaged in treatment. Our team provides a highly effective and successful approach.  

Our research continues to provide groundbreaking support on the successful benefits of IKAP. We are working with a research team at the University of Utah.  Our research has been published in Frontiers of Psychiatry and we are currently working on other publications.

Ketamine Research Publications:

  • Case Report: Unexpected Remission From Extreme and Enduring Bulimia Nervosa With Repeated Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2021.764112/full
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How we’re different:

  • Microdosed IV sessions along with a positive outlook on life, working with the changes that ketamine produces in the neural pathways, and an experienced therapist guide creates a perfect environment for change, especially for those who have treatment resistant mental health problems. 
  • We administer ketamine through IV which is more effective and can be controlled better than other methods of administration.
  • We provide therapy with a licensed therapist before, during and after the ketamine session
  • A therapist is with the patient the whole time providing immediate processing of the experience
  • We use an evidenced based grounding technique
  • Each ketamine session is an individual experience in one of our state of the art rooms.
  • A Nurse Practitioner will  monitor vital signs at all times.


Trish Henrie Barrus

Dr. Barrus and her team at Riverwoods behavioral health are the foremost experts in Integrated Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (IKAP). Here are some of the conditions they treat with their IKAP protocol.

Check out what clients say

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“Ketamine assisted therapy provided immediate relief within my first two treatments unlike medication that takes a month to fully take effect.”


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Ketamine therapy at Riverwoods Behavioral Health has been a game-changer for me.

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Ketamine therapy with Dr. Trish has been one of the most effective and rewarding therapy experiences

of my life.