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Trish Henrie Barrus

Trish Henrie-Barrus,


"As a positive psychologist and counselor, I believe in focusing on human strengths instead of pathology. I strive to help every individual see themselves in a more positive light, enhance their well-being, and live life to the fullest."

Joshua Cooke

Joshua Cooke,


"Each one of us has strengths and virtues that give life of meaning and purpose. I believe individuals can recognize and utilize these strengths and virtues to find solutions to the very real problems that beset them. As we journey together to help you understand the very real positives of change, your authentic self can be manifest, and you can flourish."

Joanna Baker

Joanna Baker,


" Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing individuals and families thrive. I believe this is accomplished through the application of sound, strengths-based principles of mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual health. My belief in the power of a positive, whole-being approach stems from witnessing its effectiveness in a breadth of settings including mental health settings, hospice, corrections systems, school-based counseling, and grief work."

thomas marz

Thomas Marz,


“I am extremely passionate about helping individuals and families succeed in life. I believe every person I work with can reach their full potential as we rediscover and enhance the amazing qualities and characteristics they possess. I use a very humanistic, integrative approach to therapy and use many evidence-based techniques dependent on each individual’s needs. The therapeutic relationship is a sacred alliance where positive change occurs as we work together.”

matthew roughan

Matthew Roughen,


"Working with individuals, couples, and families is some of the most exciting and special work I feel I can do as a therapist. I believe each person has special skills, attributes and characteristics and I hope to help others to be able to discover those things in order to enhance their well-being and improve their quality of life. I feel it is an honor and a privilege to help people along this journey of self-discovery."

Miranda powers

Miranda Powers,


“Life is complex and at some point nearly everyone will be faced with feelings of overwhelming personal challenge. My philosophy involves client autonomy, active listening, and a casual approach to make therapy a conversation into self-discovery. I enjoy helping individuals gain insightful realizations through a client-centered, solution focused, cognitive behavioral methodology. Satisfying days of newfound happiness and relief from anguish are ahead."

julie gayle

Julie Gale,


"As a solution focused therapist, I believe the answers to healing and clarity are within the individual and every experience has value and purpose. I strive to assist clients to clear out unresourceful thoughts and emotions and bring forward the resourceful thoughts and emotions that support their goals and dreams."

natalie noel

Natalie Noel

"As a therapist, I see you as the expert of your own life acknowledging I have expertise that may be beneficial for your healing process. A major goal of our work together is to foster an increased sense of empowerment. As you explore the context in which you live, you can clarify the messages internalized from relationships, communities, and society.

This exploration allows space to further explore your inner resources of strength and resiliency and how to access support found in interpersonal relationships."