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Could Integrated Ketamine Assisted Therapy Be Right For You?

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I had the incredible experience of working with Dr. Trish and participating in Ketamine Psychotherapy sessions in partnership with Forum Health. Words cannot explain how beneficial and life changing these sessions were for me. I have struggled with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic illness for most of my life. I also had a hard time coping with extreme grief and suicidal tendencies.

I was able to sit down with Dr. Trish and set some objectives and goals that I wanted for my treatment plan. My first ketamine session was absolutely mind blowing. We talked and identified what I wanted to focus on processing during my session before hand, which was grief and overcoming a traumatic experience. The Ketamine experience itself was peaceful and exciting at the same time. y mind flew through shapes and universes while listening to the hypnotic voice of Dr. Trish guide my sub-conscious into letting go of my grief and sadness.

She guided and re-programmed my mind and neuro pathways into accepting peace and joy. She ultimately helped me fid hope, healing, and happiness! Her therapy, her guiding words, and each progressive Ketamine session gave me a new default thought process that made me feel happy and at peace.

Within 6 sessions, I feel I have accomplished more in my healing and well-being than I have with talking with therapists in over 15 years. I no longer feel debilitated by grief and sadness in my heart. I no longer feel plagued by negative self-harm thoughts, and instead my thoughts are positive and uplifting.

I feel at peace and accepting of my life, my challenges, and feel that my coping mechanisms are healthier than ever. Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Trish Henrie and Riverwoods Behavioral Health for their exceptional help in my personal life, healing my mind and soul, and helping me overcome so much. 



"I’ve been deeply depressed for years because of chronic physical pain and past traumas that I had experienced. I was 100% suicidal. I had a plan, I had written my family a note.

I attempted suicide. In the weeks after my failed attempt I felt more depressed then I had before attempting suicide.

I immediately started ketamine therapy with Dr Trish and it has saved me from ending my own life and given me hope and optimism for the future. I would recommend ketamine Induced psychotherapy to anyone struggling with PTSD, Anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts, ideation or failed attempts.



“People forget that we all struggle - that you can be a sister, a mom, a manger, a doctor, or an executive with a high-paying salary and still face chronic illness.

As a perfectionistic and strong-willed businesswoman, ketamine allowed me to discover vulnerability within myself and begin to heal. I stopped pretending that I was ok and started doing the work that 10 years of traditional medicine and therapy couldn’t do.

I gained the subconscious ability to understand my thought processes and make rational, healthy decisions.

There’s nothing more powerful than to be in control of your body, mind and soul when you’ve lived your life controlled by addictive tendencies. Ketamine gave me that ability back, but more so did Dr. Trish’s principles of recovery.”



Ketamine therapy with Dr. Trish has been one of the most effective and rewarding therapy experiences of my life. As a recovering alcoholic and someone who also suffers from depression, I was an ideal candidate for ketamine therapy. After my very first session, I was convinced of its effectiveness. I have recently just finished my sixth session; and I was so impressed with the results that I am determined to have my wife and children introduced to Dr. Trish in order for them to begin therapy as well. My wife and children all suffer from some sort of anxiety, depression, trauma or PTSD, and I am convinced that they would all greatly benefit from the therapy. I believe one of the unique aspects to the Ketamine therapy with Riverwoods Behavioral Health is that the therapists guide you throughout the entire ketamine session - it is such a positive and safe experience that I would entrust my wife and children into their care. Thank you Dr. Trish and Riverwoods Behavioral Health!



This has changed my life. I was very standoffish of the idea when I first heard about it, but after being here in this setting with great counselors like Miranda and with how great Jentry is, I am at a point in my life where I could have never imagined I'd be. I'd recommend this to anyone."



When I decided to try Ketamine assisted therapy I was at the end of my rope. I have a very stressful job where secondary trauma is common. I struggled with treatment resistant depression and anxiety for the majority of my life, as well as PTSD. I worked with Psych NP’s and psychiatrists throughout my life adjusting medications as well as therapy which included CBT, EMDR, etc. These interventions worked fine, but I was at the point where these didn’t work anymore. Ketamine assisted therapy provided immediate relief within my first two treatments unlike medication that takes a month to fully take effect. I didn’t realize the weight on my shoulders and deep despair I had been in until my first couple Ketamine treatments. It was such an immediate change. My negative thought patterns dissipated and rarely consumed me afterward. Ketamine assisted therapy changed my life and the therapists and NPs ensure you feel safe and comfortable. They are wonderful and amazing at what they do!



Ketamine therapy at Riverwoods Behavioral Health has been a game-changer for me. I’ve been struggling with Bipolar Depression for about 10 years. I’ve been prescribed multiple medications and have been to counseling three times. These various treatments each only helped a little, and I was miserable. Each day for me was a never-ending battle to keep my spiraling emotions under control, and most days I did not prevail. It was tearing me, my family, and my marriage apart.

Recently, I learned from a neighbor about Ketamine as a treatment for my condition. After doing much research, I decided to go with Riverwoods and I am so grateful that I did. Dr. Trish, Jentry, and the rest of the staff are understanding, non-judgmental, and just plain brilliant! Dr. Trish combined Ketamine with CBT therapy and it worked wonders where nothing else really has in the past. Dr. Trish taught me how to retrain how I think about myself, others, and the problems that were keeping me stuck in misery. Then the Ketamine made it such that I actually could follow through and do what she taught me to do. 

I finished my last Ketamine session several months ago, and since then I have found that my mood swings happen much less frequently and are much less intense than they used to be. It’s not a complete cure. The mood swings still come, but after completing Ketamine therapy I have been able to manage them much more effectively than I ever have before. As a result, I have actually felt happiness and joy in my life again. It has also helped me repair the relationships that the bipolar damaged. I would not hesitate to recommend Riverwoods to anyone who is struggling with these kinds of issues! - Robb



After even the first session Josh I noticed a complete change in how I processed things, after over a decade of suppressing my emotions I found I had the ability to be sad again. And not just feel the emotion but fully process it and let it go. Before the IKAP treatments I felt as if i were two different people, when I was in a depressive episode vs when I wasn't, and now I just feel settled into the normal me.