We Can Help

Welcome to Riverwoods Behavioral Health.  

You may be at the end of your rope. You may have tried everything including various meds, therapy, EMDR, self-help books and other tools but nothing has worked for your depression, anxiety, suicide ideation, or trauma. Our team of professional therapists are here to help you navigate the conditions you are experiencing. When you get to this point, it is hard to “just white knuckle it through”.

You need help and you need it now. We are here to help!



We often get stuck in just thinking about change or not knowing how to change. Another perspective can help you see how to change and that change is possible. When you become aware of bad habits or patterns of behavior that produce unwanted results, psychotherapy can help you explore the origin of these as well as your motivations for continuing these behaviors and your reasons for seeking to change them. When we feel we are acting productively, caring for ourselves and others, and working toward positive changes, we experience increased happiness and life satisfaction. 


Ketamine has been shown to be particularly effective with chronic mood disorders, pain, and other mental health conditions which can be severe, recurring, disabling, and even life-threatening. It can help you see life differently and it acts fast. It can provide you relief from those obsessive thoughts and feelings of hopelessness, especially as you process your experience. Many of our patients report a 180 degree difference in their feelings and moods. 

Don’t suffer needlessly. We can help.


Both psychotherapy and ketamine are effective in helping with mood disorders and pain, but the combination of the two has been shown to be much more effective than either on its own. Some programs offer intra-muscular shots or IV drips and then they isolate the patient in their own room during their session. We believe this can be detrimental to the patient, especially if they experience a traumatic event. Our program provides a therapist who is with you the whole time during your session. They guide you and help you process and make sense of your experience. We also use a grounding technique which calms the patient.


We believe that follow-up therapy sessions are needed for you to complete your healing process. We will regularly check up with you to make sure you continue to heal.