We Can Help

Welcome to Riverwoods Behavioral Health.  

You may have come to us as a result of your insurance or a referral.  Either way we are happy to help you with your mental wellness.  Our team of experienced professional therapists are here to help you navigate the conditions you are experiencing.  Many conditions and challenges cannot be just a “ride it out and pull ourselves up on our own, like we usually do? Professional help could make this challenge life changing.  


Everyone has a need for improvement. We all have habits to be changed, relationships that could be stronger, and insight and self-awareness to be gained. Although psychotherapy can benefit all people, there are sometimes in life where it may be especially helpful. People often consider some form of psychotherapy after a major traumatic life event, when they feel their life is “stuck” or “out of control”, or when another perspective is needed.  


When you have experienced a traumatic life event, are working through a transition period, or you are feeling anxiety or depression, you may feel stress and negative emotions. Psychotherapy (sharing your concerns with a skilled professional) can help you to process and explore what you are feeling, assess your goals, and move forward. When you have lost self confidence/esteem or feel that your life has lost its meaning and excitement, these losses have a significant impact on your overall happiness and contentment with life. Psychotherapy can help you regain confidence in yourself and others, gain control again of you, assess what is important to you, and reignite your passion for life.


There are times in life when important relationships become strained, unsatisfying or cause distress. Therapy can help you evaluate all aspects of the relationship from a nonjudgmental and unbiased perspective, improve communication skills, encourage honesty and openness, and promote a healthy reconnection with those you care about. If a relationship ends, therapy will help you understand your role in that “ending” and work to restore your trust in yourself and others. If you are trying to rebuild a relationship, couple’s therapy can help improve communication skills, see your partner from a different perspective, and learn to love each other again. 


We often get stuck in just thinking about change or not knowing how to change. Another perspective can help you see how to change and that change is possible. When you become aware of bad habits or patterns of behavior that produce unwanted results, psychotherapy can help you explore the origin of these as well as your motivations for continuing these behaviors and your reasons for seeking to change them. When we feel we are acting productively, caring for ourselves and others, and working toward positive changes, we experience increased happiness and life satisfaction.